Billy H. Cooper Awardees

Billy Cooper was an outstanding clinical mycologist and was the first recipient of the award in 1983, which was renamed in his honor after his untimely death. Each year we continue the tradition and recognize an outstanding contributor to the practice of diagnostic clinical mycology. Please refer to the list of previous recipients below when considering nominees:

1983   Billy Cooper

1984   Leo Kaufman

1985   No award given

1986   Smith Shadomy

1987   Michael McGinnis

1988   Demothenes Pappagianis

1989   Glenn D. Roberts

1990   Norman L. Goodman

1991   Ira F. Salkin

1992   Geoffrey A. Land

1993   William G. Merz

1994   Michael A. Pfaller

1995   Michael G. Rinaldi

1996   Thomas J. Walsh

1997   No award given

1998   Leslie Hall Stockman

1999   No award given

2000   Donald L. Greer

2001   Lynne Snyder

2002   Arvind A. Padhye

2003   Ana Espinel

2004   Thomas G. Mitchell

2005   Davise Larone

2006   Wiley A. Schell

2007   Gary Procop

2008   Deanna A. Sutton

2009   Mahmoud Ghannoum

2010   Leonel Mendoza

2011   Annette Fothergill

2012   No award

2013   Dimitrios P. Kontoyiannis

2014   Stan Bauman

2015   Joe Wheat

2016   David Andes

2017   Liise-anne Pirofski

2018   Judith Rhodes

2019   Kieren Marr