Billy H. Cooper Award in Medical Mycologybilly_cooper_portrait.png

  • This award is presented to an individual from the Americas for continuous outstanding achievement in clinical mycology.
  • The recommendation of a nominee by an active regular MMSA member must be made in writing and should consist of:
    • a description of the nominee contributions,
    • the reasons why these should be considered worthy of special recognition,
    • a brief biographical sketch of the nominee,
    • a list of publications,
    • and any other supporting documents considered relevant.
  • The recommendation of a nominee must be supported by letters of seconding the nomination from other active members. Quantity and quality of seconding letters will be considered important factors in choosing an awardee.
  • The nomination may be not be made posthumously except in the following condition. If the Committee has selected a recipient and if the recipient should be deceased thereafter the Award must be made posthumously.

Committee Chair:  Robb Cramer

Send nomination packages to Robb Cramer

Nominations are due March 31, 2021!

Click here for a list of previous year's awardees.