Carlyn Halde (1924-2014)

Carlyn Jean Halde was a Professor of Microbiology at UCSF Medical School and longtime supporter of MMSA.  Carlyn was passionate about education and health and instilled her love of learning to the thousands of medical, dental, pharmacy and nursing students she taught during her long career as a Professor of Microbiology at the University of California, San Francisco. She "retired" from UCSF at the age of 65, so the department would have the money to hire "new" people. However, for over 15 years she continued teaching at UCSF, working as an unpaid volunteer, helping educate medical, dental and pharmacy students. But a full time career at UCSF was not enough to keep Carlyn busy. She was involved in many other pursuits and organizations, including MMSA.  Through a generous donation, she established the MMSA Carlyn Halde Latin American Student Travel Award Endowment through ASM.   For her full obituary, please click here.