Journal of Fungi Affiliation

The Journal of Fungi is the official journal of MMSA with the following benefits to its members:

  1. Free publication MMSA members (corresponding author) free to publish till 31st December 2019 in Journal of Fungi (JoF).
  2. 1st January 2020 onwards, JoF provides 15% discount on article processing charges to all MMSA members (reviewer voucher can be aggregated), with 5 fully waived papers per year.
  3. The journal will publish the MMSA meeting report each year free of charge.
  4. MMSA will be able to nominate and propose several Editorial Board Members and a candidate for an MMSA Editor role. The MMSA editor help handle regular papers outside special issues.
  5. Promotion of the society to all North American authors submitting to JoF, thus helping increase the society’s visibility and hopefully attracting more members to the society.
  6. JoF will sponsor different activities at the society conferences (e.g., keynote speaker, travel grant for PhD students or Postdocs, best poster awards, coffee breaks, etc.) depending on the annual marketing budget of the journal;
  7. Possibility to set up dedicated Special Issues related to the society conferences, to include selected papers, at a discounted fee. The Special Issue can be printed in book format, e-book can be downloaded for free, and hardcover can be ordered on Amazon, Apple books;
  8. The possibility to advertise society news on the website of the journal and its social media channels and newsletters;
  9. net platform for organizing the society conferences and conference organizing services at preferential rates. The society as well as each individual member can use this platform free of charge if self-managed;
  10. Publication of full conference proceeding in the journal Proceedings at preferential rates;
  11. The possibility for the society and its members to post job announcements free of charge on the website of JoF.

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