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Mycology Books Available!

Dr. Art Di Salvo has recently donated about 100 mycology texts to the ASM Archives that were lacking in their collection.  He has several books that were already in the archives that are available to anyone interested.  Please email Dr. Di Salvo at [email protected].

Conant, et al. Manual of Clinical Mycology, Third Edition, 1971.
Olanski and Harris, Serological Tests For Syphilis, USDHEW,  1955
Emmons, Binford, Utz, Medical Mycology,  2nd Edition (autographed),  1970.
Emmons, Binford, Utz, Kwon-Chung, Medical Mycology,  3 rd edition,  1977.
Rippon,  Medical Mycology,1 974
Langeron, Precis de Microscopie,  1949
Ainsworth; Medical Mycology;  1952
Rosebury, T., Life on Man, 1969.
Todd, JC and Sanford,AH. Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods. Seventh Ed.. 1932
Ajello (Ed) (Coccidioidomycosis, Ajello (Ed) (2nd Int. Symposium). 1965.
Ajello (Ed.) Coccidioidomycosis, Ajello (Ed.) (3rd Int. Symposium), 1977
Haley and Callaway, Laboratory Methods in Medical Mycology (CDC);
Proc. 2nd Int. symposium on Medical Mycology. 1967
Alexopoulos, Introductory Mycology.  1957
PAHO, Proc. Int. Symposium on Mycoses, 1970.
Di Salvo, Ed. Occupational Mycoses, 1983
Al-Doory, Chromomycoses, 1972