Rhoda Benham Awardees


Dr. Rhoda Benham (1894-1957) was a pioneer in the study of pathogenic fungi.  After earing a botany degree from Barnard College, she was appointed to work in the diagnostic laboratory in the Dermatology Department headed by Dr. J. Garner Hopkins in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York (now Columbia Medical School).  Here, she gained a doctorate for a taxonomic and serological study in Candida. In collaboration with Dr. Hopkins and Bernard O. Dodge, Dr. Benham organized the first comprehensive course on medical mycology and directed the first medical mycology research laboratory in the U.S.  Among the many who worked or studies in her laboratory were Chester Emmons, Arturo Carrion, Lucille Georg, Librero Ajello, and Margarita Silva – ALL previous recipients of this meritorious award for outstanding contributions to the field. Please refer to the list of previous recipients below when considering nominees:

* Awarded retroactively in 1970           

1967   Jose Ignacio Baldo*

1968   Chester Emmons*

1969   Norman Conant*

1970   Juan E. Mackinnon, Roger O. Egeberg

1971   Floriano P. de Almeida, Antonio Gonzalez-Ochoa

1972   Elizabeth L. Hazen, Rachel Fuller Brown 

1973   Charles E. Smith (posthumous), Arturo Carrion

1974   Lucille Georg

1975   Michael Furcolow

1976   Libero Ajello

1977   Howard W. Larsh

1978   Charlotte Campbell

1979   Roger D. Baker

1980   Jan Schwarz

1981   John F. Busey

1982   Milton Huppert

1983   William Kaplan

1984   Everett Beneke

1985   Carroll W. Dodge

1986   Margarita Silva-Hutner

1987   Leo Pine

1988   Morris A. Gordon

1989   George S. Kobayashi

1990   Angela Restrepo

1991   Dexter Howard

1992   Demothenes Pappagianis

1993   Leo Kaufman

1994   Julius Kane

1995   Norman Goodman

1996   June Kwon-Chung

1997   John P. Utz

1998   Glenn S. Bulmer

1999   David Stevens

2000   Juneann Murphy

2001   John Bennett

2002   Judy Domer

2003   No award given

2004   John Taylor

2005   Michael McGinnis

2006   Garry Cole

2007   Arturo Casadevall

2008   Thomas J. Walsh

2009   John W. Rippon

2010   Paul Staniszlo

2011   Arthur DiSalvo

2012   Glenn Roberts

2013   David Soll

2014   Thomas Kozel

2015   John Perfect

2016   Mahmoud Ghannoum

2017   Jack Edwards

2018   Joe Heitman

2019   Dimitrios Kontoyiannis

2020   Stu Levitz

2021   Anita Sil

2022   Richard Calderone